Focus on clients style

We are an exhibition service on tour for over 12 years worldwide! We are popular with well know markets as well as rising ones. What we've learned is how to find the perfect match between client expectation and tradeshow character. We supply all kinds of structures - especially custom ones - always in perfect form.

Relax and have a seat

Armchairs, sofas, chairs, bar stools... no limits on furniture. We want You and Your guest to feel comfortable when doing business. That's why we create spaces designed to be useful and convenient. We supply well known furniture as well as custom made pieces. We offer solutions suitable for VIP meeting zones, conference talks and public shows.

From ideas to implementation

Experience means teamwork. By providing exhibition structures for over 10 years, we have improved many construction methods. By seeing clients smile and other builders frown in envy, we know that what we build has a fresh look and a fancy touch. We know how to combine modern materials with proven building techniques. Our target is a perfect result.

Expose YOUR value

As much sparkle as You need! Perfect lighting, high-class audiovisual gear, prints in highest resolution... Let Your competitors, partners and potential clients know that You are there. Spray finish surfaces, glass, stainless steel, laminates in 1000 patterns - What fits best is up to You. We will supply the full package - satisfaction included.